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Omar Alhegelan

World Champion Freeflyer / Stuntman
Member SAG

Competitive Experience
1994 Eloy, Arizona US World Freestyle Competition - 2nd
1995 Ampfing, Germany World Freestyle Competition - 3rd
1996 Efes, Turkey World Cup Freestyle - 1st
1996 Europe and USA Freefly ESPN Pro-tour - 1st
1997 Lahti, Finland World Games Freestyle - 1st
1997 Efes, Turkey World Championship Freestyle - 1st
1998 California, USA US Nationals Freestyle - 1st
1998 Evora Portugal World Cup Freestyle - 2nd
2000 California, USA US Nationals Freefly - 3rd
2000 Arizona, USA World Cup Freefly - 3rd
2001 Eloy, USA N.S.L.1 Freestyle - 1st
2001 Granada, Spain World Air Games - 2nd
2001 1st Freefly World Championship
2001 Eloy, USA US Freefly Nationals - 1st
2002 Poland RedBullFreeflyChampionship - 1st
2002 Chicago, USA US. Nationals Freestyle - 1st
2002 Chicago, USA US. Nationals Freefly - 2nd
2002 Vienna, Austria World Cup Freestyle - 2nd
2002 Vienna Austria World Cup Freefly - 2nd
2002 Empuria, Spain European Championships - 1st
2003 Eloy, Arizona Freefly Money Meet - 1st
2004 Eloy, Arizona Freefly Money Meet - 1st

US Parachute Association "Pro-rating"

The Three Kings
Wild California IMAX

Real TV
Hard Copy
That's Incredible
Les Nuits de la Glisse
Le Loft - (French version of "Big Brother")
Muscle Ranking - Tokyo Broadcasting Station
Discovery Wings Channel - Extreme Machine - Competition Documentary

Monster of Ballads
Axe-Gravity - Faberge

Skydiving Documentaries
Chronicles 2
Good Stuff - Cars and Junk
More Stuff - Plane to Plane X 3

Music Video
Do You Wanna Make Something of It

Photo Shoot
2002 Model for BMW Magazine 1-2002
2004 Model for Camel Active

14500+ Skydives
200+ BASE jumps

Wingsuit Flying, Bungee Jumping, Snowboarding, Rock Climbing, Waterskiing, Barefoot Waterskiing, Boating