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AIRCRAFT: We have access to quality aircraft and terrific pilots.


There are a lot of options. A Cessna 182 carries 4 skydivers. A PAC 750 can carry about 15 skydivers and aTwin Otter can carry up to 24 skydivers. The price ranges from 300 to 1500 USD per flight hour.

We can also jump from most passenger aircraft, including full sized passenger jets, and cargo airplanes of all sizes. We can push a small car from a SkyVan airplane and a truck from a C-130. We select aircraft based on the project and budget.


Just like airplanes, helicopters come in all sizes and we can jump from all of them. A skydiver can jump from a very small helicopter for maybe 200 USD per flight hour, or drop a bus from a Sky-Crane helicopter for about 10,000 USD per flight hour.


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Aerial Stunt Service
3128 Via La Selva, PVE, CA 90274 (310) 543-2222